Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson told delegates at the Tory Party conference that Alex Salmond did not speak for most Scots

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has urged people in the rest of the UK to speak up for the Union.

She told her party’s UK conference that everyone had a stake in the future of Britain, whether they had a say in the independence referendum or not.

The people of Scotland will vote in the referendum on 18 September next year.

Ms Davidson said Scoland’s First Minister Alex Salmond did not speak for most Scots, arguing the majority were against independence.

She told the Conservative conference in Manchester that, with less than a year to go until polling day, Mr Salmond’s government had made £32bn of uncosted promises, including reversing UK benefit reforms and boosting overseas aid.

She said: “Alex Salmond doesn’t speak for a majority of Scots. In fact, he never has. Time after time, poll after poll, people in Scotland say they want to stay.”

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